Friday, June 1, 2012

The Mom Life.

One of the more natural things that has happened lately to me is that I feel a complete kinship with other moms. 
Moms that I know, moms that I don't know. 

Anytime there is a tragedy of sort on TV. I turn to my husband and say. "Can you imagine how their mother must feel, how sad."

"How terrible"
"How scary"

I can't even imagine. 

Becoming a mother has changed everything. The Johnson and Johnson's commercials crawl in and out of my head like worms. Everything is connected to the how and when and where of my little girl.

I like to think this is the life that all moms are leading. Though I am not so naive to think that is true.

But I often wonder, as I smile at the woman pushing a carriage past me and Reilly in Target if she is thinking what I am thinking?

Hi, I'm a mom too, and we are both dealing with naps and picky eaters and too much TV. This automatically makes us part of a very special community- alas, you are my friend.

Being a mom is amazing. It has completed me in ways I did not think possible. Being a stay at home mom is challenging and rewarding on so many levels. Am I always patient? No. Am I always the best I can be? Probably not. But, I try and I love harder and give more than I ever have of myself to anything.

The community is a gift. I am enthusiastic about it, excited. I worship this club.