Thursday, November 17, 2011

the in-between.

I used to work in organizing. Me and Obama were both community organizers. so, that's one up for me... how may things do you have in common with the president?

I have struggled truly with the Occupy Wall Street group... I've made comments about their lack of leadership, clear message, point and poor organization in general. Its sounds so snobby now as i type it.

I've said they need direction to get attention and that I haven't heard or seen enough about it to be relevant.
I'm a jerk. I'm part of that 99%. I should be there with baby in Beco- demanding health insurance for all under an umbrella or in a tent or what.

Having a baby surely changes your priorities. But bad ass shouldn't be one of them. I used to be a bad ass. I didn't think it at the time- but when i think back to it now. Yeah, way bad ass.

Now, I day dream about babies and tiny socks and santa clause. Is there anything wrong with this... no way!

But, i long for the days when my scholar life lead me down what I used to call "women's studies in practice"- that's abandoning school for real life. That's what i struggled with in grad school. I was too immature to realize at the time that it was a little bit from here and there and that was a good thing.

Motherhood is women's studies in practice. But here its every second.

so, where can i find my own subversion. Its not in driving past a small group of obnoxious protesters on my way into work, or sitting on a bathroom floor with a woman who's husband beats her anymore.

I'm raising a girl. Who'll become a woman. Who'll fight the good fight too. Who'll I'll teach to stand up when no one dares to. Who will hold a sign in the rain, who'll cross the line. who'll dare to do and go and be what no one else has before her.

Subversion is raising a girl who will riot and rock and push back.

I will occupy my house. my life and raise her different. Without an ass of "Juicy" but with a heart of gold.

So, I'm not on the street.... But, I do and will always hear the call. I hear you....

all the way over here.