Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Me and Greg. More alike than you think.

Sean and I are HOUSE junkies, this is an interesting comment as HOUSE through much of the series is a junkie of sorts. We watch the episodes out of order on various channels. We DVR them, we watch them live. We look for them when nothing else is on. It's true that we have Netflix and could simply rent the entire series so far and watch them in order. But, this would take the fun out of it.

When they stopped showing marathons on Saturday nights, Sean and I both pouted for a few weeks- when we finally realized that they were yes, in fact, actually, no longer being shown, anymore.

Recently we happily caught the episodes where HOUSE has entered into a mental institution. In addition to having dirty office sex with Franka Potente (of Run Lola Run) he learns that he is a "fixer" and needs to let go. I'd say most people have a love/hate relationship with HOUSE. Including all the characters on the show. But, for those who watch. I often despite his angsty, cynical, witty, jackassery, find him quiet lovable.

So, when Sean recently compared me to HOUSE as the fixer who feels the need to solve the problems I've created, often by my own doing (no one to diagnose here??) I didn't feel all too bad about it. I think HOUSE if we were to deconstruct him as a character- would be all the bad parts of us amplified. He is the bad- the cranky. How WE as a society would behave if we could express ourselves in constant pain.

Is this what they meant when they created him? Was Greg, meant to be me and you at our very worst moments? At times when we refuse to deal with the horror of humanity. When we can no longer trust!?

Oh... HOUSE.  I rue the day you retire- tossing your cane to the wind. Pain Killers down the drain. Porn in the dumpster.