Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sundays are for relaxing.

I have done so much cooking today and cleaning I think I might collapse! 

This morning I made Reilly blueberry flax pancakes. I used cherrybrook farms pancake mix- I love the vanilla flavor and it has very few ingredients. I mixed in fresh blueberries, ground flax seed and rice milk.  She went insane- she was so excited and elated by her breakfast I decided to make her a fancy lunch.

I made pineapple tempeh with pineapple chunks. First I cut the tempeh into cubes- then I steamed the chunks in pineapple juice. After a good steam I put the whole pot in the oven. Everything got roasty toasted. She happily fed herself tempeh and pineapple. I also gave her sweet potato that I fresh roasted this morning- while making tomato sauce for dinner.

I was tempted to make her a peach raspberry oatmeal cobbler for dinner but, I had to clean up for a visit from my parents. Right before they arrived Sean requested some brownies- so I whipped up a vegan batch with peanut butter and molasses. 

Sean and I had pasta for dinner with cheese garlic bread and sautéed arugala and spinach. I am honestly so tired I can barely type. Now its nearly 9:30pm. I washed the dishes and ironed. 

I am so very tired! Tomorrow I’ll teach my students how poetry can help them write better essays- I am also hoping to take a trip to Trader Joes.