Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cheaters, Liars and the girl who loved them.

I have cheaters in my class. I think each class I do, but these are obvious.  All the way to work today I thought... I am missing the camaraderie that comes with working full time at a college. I have no one to share my woes with. To bitch and whine about badly behaving students. To make jokes about 1st term probation or locked smart boxes. It is the lonely life for a weekend adjunct. On Mondays- my new day- I mostly try to avoid going up to the department since its so busy on campus. So, I have defeated myself.

Last weekend the office was closed when arrived but, today it was open. There sat at the computer a man wearing socks and sandals. Despite the fashion mishap- of this I am a fan. As one of my most treasured undergraduate professors always wore the sock/sandal combo. Her name was Sarah Hall- just to name drop- I named my first laptop after her, the laptop i did all my graduate work on. So, needless to say.... socks with sandals bring me fond memories.  In addition to the foot wear he had a big white bushy beard and nice pair of nerdy specs.

We made friends. A retired Math teacher now teaching logic. Retired in 1987. I laughed and told him I was six when he retired. He stated he had been with the college since 1967.

For 20 minutes we griped about cheaters, cell phone users, uncaring, sleeping students. This past fall and now spring have been the worst I've seen from students, but also some of the best. Kind hearted, interested, intent and intense on learning- absorbing like sea sponges.

I secretly hope to turn the ambivalent to light bulbed, bright and obsessed intellectuals. I am like the worst example of a teenage love affair. I love the bad boy. I hope I can change him. But, for me. I love the cheaters, the liars, the cell phone texting, no text bringing, cranky pants who cant wait till the imaginary bell rings and they can go home, get wasted and pass out.

Bushy beard, sandal said to me "one day they will look back and regret." I agreed and shook his tiny warm hand.

I am just not there, i still believe. Ill always believe, ill always wait till and keep reaching for the pulley that turns the light bulb of their brains on and reminds me why I give up sleeping on Saturdays.

for you professor of Logic who retired in 1987. Thanks for being there- just when i needed you.