Monday, January 31, 2011

Creepy or Cool?

1. Is it creepy or cool to send a friend you like who you're not sure likes you (you like as in secretly pine over them and say to your husband... do you think this person feels the same about me? Yes, i do this, yes, i am aware that i am not in high school) a valentine that says "I secretly pine over you. I hope you like me the way i like you... which is a lot". Creepy or cool?

2. Creepy or cool: old people touching your baby in the super market. Even if its just on the arm?

3. Speaking of old people.... Saying to the person on the check out line behind you: "I HATE old people!!" (lady in front of me with two old ladies, who were- i think pretty cute). Creepy? Cool?

4. Saying to a student who tells you they don't like reading "Well, this is college, you're probably going to have to read stuff". This happened today, yes... i really dislike it when students whine about reading-- esp. since that's all i did in grad school was read till my eyes bled. Same student also tells me she doesn't want to read MS magazine and doesn't care about the $15-6 month digital subscription I am using as my class text. I told her to get it- that i didn't care much that she didn't want to read it. Its easy to be nice to Saturday students. Monday students I am mean to- don't give me lip.

This has ventured away from my creepy or cool theme.