Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Its a snow jungle out there...

Today was yet another snow day. I felt stuck in doors all day despite the roads being clear. I have dreams of going to Michael's and AC Moore and spending all my money on craft items.

I just went to Michael's mind you- Alone! But, a few days ago. It was interesting as I haven't been out at all in maybe a month alone. Reilly and I are partners. She goes to the store with me all the time. But, off to Michael's I went.

I got a few great items to make my husband a home-made Valentine's Day card. Including a very cool set of "locks and keys". I plan on sewing them onto a card with other fancy embellishments i purchased.

Tim Holtz: Lock & Key Set $9.99 
Reilly is on day two of beans. She had white beans with avocado and NY Cheddar today for lunch. It was interrupted by a needed diaper change.  She has been eating what i call "Big Girl" oatmeal each morning. As we have moved somewhat away from Earths Best powdered baby cereal. I still mix in the Multi-grain version to boost the iron.

My best friend and brother are both getting married this year. So, this has put me in a type of planning mode. I am constantly thinking about what new things I can do for showers. Hence, my further desire for crafting.