Monday, January 10, 2011

a little review for babies bums.

We've been using the Bum Genius bottom spray! Thanks to Brooke our diaper service lady- who let us try it for free!

The clementine scent is so wonderful- it is super gentle yet i feel like it removes poop from the bum very well. Perhaps better than California Baby even. California Baby bottom spray works well diluted- as in i refill the bottle with water when its half way and keep going. I think it lasted me about 2 months before I was out at Target buying a new one. California Baby costs $9.99 for 6.5oz. Bum Genius is $8 for 4 oz. Both are made from natural and organic ingredients and not tested on animals.

Bum Genius Bottom Spray

Pros: smell, bum clean up and size. 

Cons: need to spray more than once. Also, not sure if it would work as well diluted. Not available at major retail chains.

California Baby Bottom Spray
Pros: availability, dilutes well, used it to wash my face once- not bad!
Cons: costly, bottle not the best shape for travel, bum cleanability ok.