Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Beginning....

I used to have a diaryland page- where I wrote all about my college years. My exploration in what I like to call “self-hood”. In recent months my new self has emerged- One as “mom”.  My first baby was born on April 19th of this past year. I was very thankful, as she is safe and healthy.

I have very often considered starting a blog. Not long ago I made one entitled “Lost keys and Love”. I don’t think I ever even posted on it. But, inspired by my former next-door neighbor, Ryan Darcy of “Waxed Red Threads” fame. With his help I have ventured into the blog scene!

So, I guess this first blog is to share a little about my self. I am nearly 30, a wife and mom to a cute, petite, golden haired little girl. I am an adjunct instructor at Suffolk Community College. I teach Mythology and a course on sexism.

A fire horn just blared and scared me nearly half to death! Thankfully, the little one slept through it.
So, this is my story.

I am hoping to share my explorations as I am now. Some tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way as a new mom; as well as how a woman, feminist, wife, daughter, former poet adds mom to her list of jobs.

Again thanks to Ryan who inspired me enough to really think about writing again and for his beautiful design. Great dad’s are made straight from great friends.