Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chicago's First Lady.

I have always loved Oprah. For a while i felt ashamed of this and often would hide my love. My husband makes fun of me for even watching her.

Some have said she is evil or condescending. I disagree. I think she asks questions no one wants to. I think she is giving and thoughtful and is pensive when her guests are talking.

You don't get to the top always- by being nice. I think sometimes its ok to gnash your teeth and show what you've got. especially if you are holding aces. I am sad that this is her last season. What I have watched of OWN is not too shabby and I am sure I'll happily watch more in the future. I must admit I am more so disappointed that my chances of ever being on the "Favorite Things Show" are now over. If you have never watched this... you should seriously consider looking it up on youtube.

I found her "make-up" interview with Iylana Vanzant to be engaging, life changing, superb. Oprah quoted Vanzant she said "Don't you always say... 'if you do not heal the wounds of your past, you will bleed and bleed and bleed'"

I think so many of us have to stop bleeding. Oprah would agree.

So, I love Oprah. Not just because she's friends with Maya Angelou.